Patient's Guide

Patient’s Guide

The Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Medical Center’s Information and Admitting Section secures accurate information relevant to patients' data upon admissions and discharges. It provides and facilitates fast, precise channeling of information to patients, medical staff, personnel and other hospital customers with prudence and cheerful attitude. They coordinate with other department regarding patient's admission, transfer, discharge and other related services performed in the department.


Admission Procedures

Patients with doctor’s admission order sheet will be requested to present all necessary documents required during your stay for immediate processing at the Admitting Section.

In the absence of a Doctor’s admission order sheet, a walk-in patient may be assessed at the Emergency Room and referred to the Admitting Section. Our admitting representative will facilitate your room of choice or assign a room according to you medical need. You will be requested to fill out admission documents namely Patient Sheet Information, Consent forms, and Admission agreement. A nurse will escort you to your room once ready. All patients are given ID band to be worn around the wrist for the entirety of your stay in the hospital.



  • Doctors order
  • Health Card (HMO and/or Philhealth)
  • Letter of Authorization (LOA) from your health insurance company and/or employer
  • Philhealth Requirements (MDR, Form 1 and 2, etc.)
  • Senior Citizen Requirements (OSCA ID, Purchase booklet)
  • Person with Disability (Valid ID issued by DOH)
  • Personal Identification such as Company ID, Driver’s License, Passport, SSS/GSIS ID, Senior Citizen ID, etc.


Discharge Procedures

  1. After successful medical care, a discharge order will be ordered by the attending physician.
  2. The chart will be forwarded to the billing section by the nurse on duty at the station.
  3. Upon receiving the chart, the billing officer will notify all departments involved in the care of the patient for clearance prior to finalizing the bill. All applicable deductions and/or discounts will be deducted on the final bill.
  4. After the computation, the patient and/or relative will be asked to sign and receive the Statement of Account.
  5. After settling the accounts, the Cashier issues an Official Receipt, two (2) copies of clearance slips and a Statement of Account with Zero Amount Due.
  6. The clearance slips should be signed by the cashier, nurse on duty at the station, and guard on duty.
  7. The original copy will remain to the patient while one (1) copy shall be surrendered to the guard on duty at the main door as clearance which will be forwarded to the admitting section.